Whisper Sahara

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Whisper Sahara

For years Nubuk leathers have been considered the Pinnacle of Upholstery leather. The biggest flaw has been the color fading and the nap collecting oils and dirt during the day to day usage. Whisper is made for the modern lifestyle and built to withstand any active family. Produced in Italy on European hides combined with a top microfiber layer. This layer is soap and water cleanable and the nap does not crush or discolor during normal wear. Tear and tensile strength is far superior to fabric

Raw Material: Bovine Hides
Hide Size: – 32 square feet (average)
Thickness: 1.4 – 1.6 mm
Classification: 85% Leather – 15% Polyester
Type Dyeing: Water Repellent
Type Finish: “M” Heavy Weight Microfiber

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