Artisan Marble

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Artisan Marble

For years we have experimented with leathers and finishes that simulate the look of a true antique and after diligent testing we are proud to deliver the Artisan Collection. To make this correctly you need to start with the finest of raw materials. Each hide is completely dyed one at a time each by trained hands to ensure uniform and organic color depth and transparency. The leather is then cut and sewn with the end result in mind of achieving a timeless look. Once upholstered the detailing moves beyond craftsmanship and into the world of artistry. Our technicians labor over each piece adding and removing color simulating the richness of patina that would typically require a generation of use to acquire. This is one of the few areas in our California factory where you will see personnel just taking a step back, like a sculptor or a painter evaluating their composition unfolding on a canvas. With trained hands our Artisans finish each piece of furniture with meticulous care to achieve the old world antiqued appearance. Uniquely original, no two items are the same

Raw Material: U.S. Bovine
Hide Size: 55 square feet (average)
Thickness: 1.2-1.4mm
Classification: Full Grain
Type Dyeing: Aniline
Type Finish: “A” Hand Antiqued

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